This terrible monster was the Sphinx.


I'll let you know the result as soon as it is made public.

Cold and dry, splendid sunshine, what beautiful winter weather!

Do you realize what this means?


You're going to like working for me.

The moment he saw me he ran away.

Can I borrow your pencil?

Kristin said he wasn't offended.

Something must've spooked Gerald.


Do you remember seeing me before?

Compact washing machines are expensive for their size.

Sarah pulled up in his car.

Space couldn't open the door.

She was too tired to speak.


Floria needs to sell his other house.

There are no books under the desk.

She was my sole source of happiness.

I'd like to go out with you.

It's too soon for that.

I cried while reading this book.

I suggest we get a move on.

Rabbits stuck their noses out.

That wasn't very convincing, was it?

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I wanted to help her.

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She is a charming and reliable person.

Is that why you slept with him?

Could you please issue me a visa again?


I wish this would happen more often.

Come in quickly, please.

You should buy her new toys.

The wind was howling.

I'm glad I'm not anywhere near school today.

Welcome to Columbia!

Why aren't you studying?

The street is free from snow now.

She will need a car next week.


Do you have a cough?

I wanted to be her.

All you need is a little patience.


I ran after the sun.


What were your impressions of Carisa?

Yes, it's just this.

They were lucky.

You think you're so tough. You wouldn't last a minute in my neighborhood.

I'll take an impression of your teeth.

Since the war, Japan has advanced greatly in science and technology.

He lives in the suburbs of London.

Do you bind books?

How are you going to pay for this?

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Almost all of us can speak French.

He wants to embody his ideal.

Didn't I warn you?

If I go to China, it would be for the purpose of speaking Chinese as much as possible.

We couldn't agree on anything.

The LDP needs a spiritual cleansing.

Why did you paint your fence red?

Hank took another sip.

It makes no difference to me that Max has come.

I just don't want to marry her.

Let me worry about that.

I ride my bike to work.

Why are you hiding from her?

Maybe I need a lawyer.

I'm mad at her.

Don't touch anything here.

He still loves her.

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I'm trying to get in touch with her sister.

Is Jeff more intelligent than you?

Huashi's a nice boy.

Is that Guatemala?

Have you thought about what we talked about the other night?


We're destroying our clothes.


Perhaps it's too late.

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If a woman knows, the whole world knows.


This story cannot be true.

Please call me at any time.

Mat got out of the limo.

How do you know it was Sanjay who stole your wallet?

I've been thinking about you, too.

Do you know how many there are?

To think means to compare.

I can get used to just about anything.

He himself did it.

Leith worked in Australia.

Randall tried to pry the door open.

I've decided to join the volunteer fire department.

We can't finish this project without you.

Remington was a cowboy for only two years.

He believed that blacks could win their fight for equal rights without violence.


Kimberly tried to take the microphone away from Caleb.

Please leave a message.

He is not a liar.


Franco has blue jeans.

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My sweetheart said it was only a temporary separation.

Izumi is a very affectionate person.

We were shocked by the intensity of our mother's anger.

The truck nearly ran me over.

Jose is much heavier than Leon.

Ice skating can be graceful and beautiful.

Ignorance is the mother of fear as well as of admiration.

I have to deal with her.

Have you told Amos why you can't drive a car?


You're wrong.

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The grass is green.

We sometimes see airplanes flying over our farm.

What are you doing this summer?

I cannot say to you what you have to do.

What more do we need to make us happy?


Greg was an excellent MC at his friend's wedding reception, and a great night was had by all.

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The tree is crooked.

Please let me have a look at those pictures.

Gypsy and Niall are related to each other.


Kyle returned fire.

Grab him!

Adam tied Chet to the chair.

Spass eats only white meat.

Something's happening here.

They plan to do away with most of these regulations.

Take particular care when walking on icy paths.

You can't imagine what my life's been like since you've left.

I bought a pair of leather shoes.


The maelstrom of passions is not what we need now.

Floyd is incapable of expressing compassion.

I went to college with her.

People don't say that anymore.

Tal and Clarissa live in a quiet residential neighborhood.

I'll bear it in mind.

I hope we will get to the bottom of this mystery together.

You have two pounds.

Be assured, however, I shall tell you the whole truth.

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Lonhyn is a great teammate.

The coach urged his team not to be complacent following their four consecutive wins.

Hirotoshi knew why the cat scratched Venkata.

Many believe the ability to speak Chinese will advance their careers.

The rule reads in two ways.


Is there a problem, Moran?

I'm dying to see Paris.

The goat had been tethered to the fence.


There is only one thing that does not conform to the majority, and that is man's conscience.

I'm not used to this kind of heat.

Can't you understand what's happening here?

I want to go to Bali.

You didn't have to tell me that.

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Does your family background involve Chinese medicine?

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What do you really think of me?

She has broken with him.

That is strictly forbidden.


The fracture wasn't as serious as we thought.

You should be talking to them.

I'm not taking a vacation this year.


Stephe turned on a lamp.

Antonio used to come here all the time.

In fact, he didn't go to the church.

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Will you tell them?

Many children don't like vegetables, but my little brother loves them.

He turned up half an hour late.

I worked three years as Ritalynne's assistant.

He caused this.

That remark was in very poor taste.

That's my line.

Their first fall there was a trial for them.

I'm free on Sunday.

You have to fight.

They're studying French and web design.

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No one would meet with Carolyn.